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December 2

What happened on December 2? World-famous Greek soprano Maria Callas (*1923) and Canada’s Nelly Furtado (*1978) welcome the crowd with a grand opening. All-round legend Britney Spears (*1981) performs a show with Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace (*1946). And actors …

December 1

What happened on December 1? Japanese architect Minoru Yamasaki (*1912) constructed a wonderful day of celebrations for us today. With a wide variety of TV- and movie celebrities uncorking the bottles. Many of them can be ‘seen’ in the wonderful …

November 30

What happened on November 30? Mark Twain never had any worries about computer security, did he? He simply enjoyed life and writing fantastic stories. What is Twain’s last book/story you read? And a Happy birthday to Steve Aoki, Billy Idol, …

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