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September 21

What happened on September 21? Today, on Chai Day & International Peace Day, we celebrate the publishing of The Hobbit in 1937, Leonard Cohen (*1934), Bill Murray (*1950), Stephen King (*1947), Liam Gallagher (*1972), H.G. Wells (*1866), Luke Wilson (*1971), …

September 20

What happened on September 20? On String Cheese Day, we celebrate the birthdays of George R.R. Martin (*1948), Leo Strauss (*1899), Gary Cole (*1956), Jon Bernthal (*1976), and Khabib Nurmagomedov (*1988)! Celebrating good times feels nice, right?Go bring your memories …

September 19

What happened on September 19? On this fantastic Talk Like A Pirate Day, we celebrate the first edition of the world-famous Glastonbury festival in the UK, William Golding (*1911), Sunita Williams (*1965), Emil Zatopek (*1922), David McCallum (*1933), Jimmy Fallon …

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