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April 11

What happened on April 11?

Apple introduced their first computer on this day in 1976; the Apple I.
And on the same date in 1970, NASA launched one of their masterpieces; the Apollo 13.

There aren’t many machines journalist and TV host Jeremy Clarkson (*1960) hasn’t tried out or driven. Surely he reached higher speeds on an Apple I (even higher than The Stig).
But has he ever conducted an Apollo?

Speaking of conductors and masterpieces, we celebrate quite a happening today!
Johann Sebastian Bach’s world-famous St. Matthew Passion premiered in 1727.

Nowadays, music premieres on different streaming platforms instead of churches or opera houses. A bit less of a ‘happening’, yet very practical. This way, DJ Fresh (*1977) and his producing friends can easily release new music when- and wherever they want!

Celebrating good times feels nice, right?
Go bring your memories & new inspiration to life!
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What happened on April 11?

Birthdays April 11

Jeremy Clarkson
DJ Fresh

Events April 11

Apple introduced their first computer; the Apple I
NASA launched the Apollo 13
Johann Sebastian Bach’s St. Matthew Passion premiered
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