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August 1

What happened on August 1?

Get your game-face on, as it is Mahjong Day!
In case you don’t know this legendary game yet, it is time to broaden your horizons and explore – just like explorer William Clark (*1770) used to do!

Investor Ray Dalio (*1949) is a man that certainly broadens one’s horizons and he is sharing some of his knowledge with actor Jason Momoa (*1979) on the dancefloor, kicking off today’s party. And what a party it is, with rapper Coolio (*1963) on the microphone!

British film director Sam Mendes (*1965) and American novelist Herman Melville (*1819) debate recent events over a variety of drinks. The start of MTV‘s broadcasting in 1981 is a special topic, as good old Herman has never seen a (M)TV before. The gentlemen are surely destined to use an Aspirine by German pharmaceutical brand Bayer tomorrow morning. It is great that American lawyer Francis Scott Key (*1779) has joined them, to keep everyone out of trouble, at least!

Celebrating good times feels nice, right?
Go bring your memories & new inspiration to life!
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