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August 4

What happened on August 4?

The 4th of August in 1693 marks the day on which Dom Perignon invented champagne, so let’s raise a glass to celebrate this wonderful fact!

American actors Billy Bob Thornton (*1955) and Richard Belzer (*1944) surely love a glass of bubbles. And so does duchess Meghan Markle (*1981), even though she might not be allowed to admit that publicly. After Mrs. Markle’s interview on Oprah, there are not many secrets out there anymore, though. So “cheers”, Meghan, to your good health.

The music for today’s party is in the hands of fantastic jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong (*1901) and fashion designer Louis Vuitton (*1821) takes care of the decorations.

Please, be careful when celebrating with lots of champagne tonight and don’t drink & swim. Give your local heroes of the coastguard a break and let them celebrate Coast Guard Day in peace!

Celebrating good times feels nice, right?
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