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August 5

What happened on August 5?

Oh-la-la, French author Guy de Maupassant (*1850) is handing out seafood at the bar to kick off today’s celebrations on Oyster Day!

Irish music manager Louis Walsh (*1952) is in charge of the music and what a lineup he has given us. All of his all-stars are here today, from Johnny Logan and Boyzone to Westlife.

American astronaut Neil Armstrong (*1930) placed a bet with Scottish rally driver Colin McRae (*1968) to see who is the fastest man at the party. Neil has a slight advantage, as he travels at the speed of light in a rocket, but Colin is a brave Scotsman and won’t give up easily.

Joseph Merrick (*1862), also known as ‘The Elephant Man’, signals the start of the race, and off they go. Incredible how strong these two are. Yet the strongest man in the room most definitely is British actor Mark Strong (*1963). And he certainly lives up to his name, by going strong at the bar.

A few rounds of drinks later, no one is interested in any racing anymore. And everyone, including American actors John Saxon (*1935) and Loni Anderson (*1945) is partying with the strongest, Mark!

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