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August 7

What happened on August 7?

American actors Charlize Theron (*1975) and David Duchowny (*1960) look up, high to the sky, on the day we celebrate Japan’s first astronauts. Doi, Mohri, and Mukai were the first citizens of the land of the rising sun to travel into space in 1985.

That adventure must be even more exotic than the moves of Mata Hari (*1876). She was a famous exotic dancer from The Netherlands. And legends say she was also a spy and courtisane. Such a fascinating story.

Canadian ice hockey legend Sidney Crosby (*1987) is also a man of dances and fascinating stories. His moves on the ice made his opponents mad and the crowd go wild. In his later years, he went on to support disadvantaged children and move lives in a whole new dimension.

And meanwhile at the private beach of today’s celebration party, we have birthday boys Wayne Knight (*1955) and Michael Shannon (*1974) beam up the lighthouse. These two American actors certainly know how to party on Lighthouse Day!

If you have the possibility, go visit a lighthouse today. They have magical energy and will light up not only today, but life in general.

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