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December 16

What happened on December 16?

Two German legends of music host this day full of celebration for you. Ludwig van Beethoven (*1770) behind the piano and DJ Paul van Dyk (*1971) behind the decks!

Writer Jane Austen (1775) can’t believe her eyes and ears; what a party. Look at her, bouncing on the dancefloor together with Christian Dior. The French fashion designer celebrates the launch of his brand in 1946.

Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky (*1866) quickly grabs a canvas to catch the moment, whilst comedian Bill Hicks (*1961) grabs his phone and simply clicks.

At the end of the night, English playwright Noel Coward (*1899) doesn’t live up to the reputation of his last name and bravely pays the bill with his credit card. Global payment provider Mastercard was founded on this very day in 1966.

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