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December 27

What happened on December 27?

A ship named HMS Beagle. Such a classic Charles Darwin move to travel on a vessel named after a surviving and fit species. It was on this very day in 1831 that Darwin departed on his famous journey that made him a believer in the theory of evolution.

Thankfully for good old Charles, his academic friend Johannes Kepler (*1571) did a stellar job at mapping out the night sky a long time before he set sail. This way he at least knew where he was heading. Nonetheless, not fully aware of the adventures ahead of him.
Another great thing is that Louis Pasteur (*1822) was already born and he would ensure that Darwin’s milk would remain fresh thanks to a chemical process we know as pasteurization.

So deep, history. Almost as deep as poems by Mirza Galib (*1797).

And this all happens whilst actors Marlene Dietrich (*1901) and Masi Oka (*1974) sit back in their lounge chairs, relax with a drink, and watch the journey unfold…

Celebrating good times feels nice, right?
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