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February 14

What happened on February 14?

The day of love is here – Valentine’s day!
Love is not only found in what you share with a lifetime partner or a one-night
dating-app romance. Love is all around, and foremost inside, you.
Be kind to others and yourself. Today and every other day.

Send a nice “I love you” message to your partner, friend or family via Youtube.
This global video platform was founded in 2005.

Typing a text message, you might use a QWERTY keyboard on your mobile phone.
On this day in 1876, both Alexander Graham Bell and fellow inventor Elisha Gray applied for a patent of the telephone.

And thanks to Christopher Latham Scholes (*1819), we use the QWERTY keyboard. He first introduced this onto a typewriter, before it made its way onto keyboards and phones.

Old and new technology sometimes make a great combination. Artist Sandro Kopp (*1978) makes beautiful fusions of classical painting & digital technology.

Youtube is, among other things, known for its many educational videos.
Interested in a little science? Then have a look at the research into stellar atmospheres and structure by birthday boy Edward Arthur Milne (*1896).
If sports are your thing, check out the amazing achievements of cyclist Cadel Evans (*1977).

Celebrating good times feels nice, right?
Go bring your memories & new inspiration to life!
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What happened on February 14?

Birthdays February 14

Christopher Latham Scholes
Sandro Kopp
Edward Arthur Milne
Cadel Evans

Events February 14

Alexander Graham Bell and fellow inventor Elisha Gray applied for a patent of the telephone

Companies founded February 14


World Days February 14

Valentine’s day
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