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February 15

What happened on February 15?

Dutch iconic green-bottled beer Heineken celebrates its establishment from 1864 today.
Cheers & Proost!

Czech Ice-hockey legend Jaromir Jagr (*1972) is a very sober guy who doesn’t go crazy in the pub.
Going crazy in the bar is nice sometimes though. It’s much worse when people call you crazy because you firmly believe the Earth is round and not flat. That’s exactly what happened to poor Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei (*1564).

Cartoon artist Matt Groening (*1954) created a character that is quite the contrary and deeply in love with beer: Homer Simpson.

A nation in love with maple syrup rather than beer is the Canadians. On this day in 1965, they changed their old flag with the famous red & white maple leaf design.

Celebrating good times feels nice, right?
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What happened on February 15?

Birthdays February 15

Jaromir Jagr
Galileo Galilei
Matt Groening

Events February 15

Canada changed their old flag for the famous red & white maple leaf design

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