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February 25

What happened on February 25?

One of the legendary Beatles and a fabulous musician celebrates today!
Happy birthday, George Harrison (*1943).

The Beatles explored a new wave of music. Which leads us to Ibn Battuta (*1304)
of Morocco, who loved some good old exploring too.
He traveled all the way from Tanger to China. Even nowadays, that sounds like a proper road trip. Imagine doing it in the 14th century!

Road trips were certainly a topic to talk about at a campfire with motorcycle TT racer
Joey Dunlop (*1952) and former Ferrari F1 boss Jean Todt (*1946).

A whopping 110 years separate the opening of the first Pan American Games in Buenos Aires in 1951 and the birthday of French impressionist painter Pierre-August Renoir (*1841).

And her is a festive closing of today’s show, with Italian opera maestro Enrico Caruso (*1873)!

Getting inspired is so much fun.
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Birthdays & events January 1

What happened on February 25?

Birthdays February 25

George Harrison
Ibn Battuta
Joey Dunlop
Jean Todt
Pierre-August Renoir

Events February 25

The opening of the first Pan American Games in Buenos Aires

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