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February 28

What happened on February 28?

1954 brought color into the homes of many people!
On this day that year, the first color television sets using the new NTSC standard were offered for sale to the general public.

Technology advances so quickly, it is a joy to watch. Another highlight was celebrated in 1827 when The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad company was established.

Their workers had to roll a lot of stones to get the tracks built. It is a shame they were not able to listen to the guitar sounds of Brian Jones (*1942), founder of The Rolling Stones.

Music, songs, and work unite. Have you ever listened to the crowd during a home match of Portuguese football club S.L. Benfica? You’ll see & hear the effects of chanting.
This European team was established in 1904.

Surely ice hockey legend Eric Lindros (*1973) has felt the power of the crowd oftentimes!

Celebrating good times feels nice, right?
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What happened on February 28?

Birthdays February 28

Brian Jones
Eric Lindros

Events February 28

The first color television using the NTSC standard was offered for sale to the general public
S.L. Benfica was established

Companies founded February 28

The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
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