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January 1

What happened on January 1?

The first day of the year brings back memories to the introduction of the €uro in 1999. On this day, the first 11 countries adopted Europe’s common coin.

One of those countries being The Netherlands, where insurance giant Achmea was founded 4 years earlier, in 1995.

Money and health insurance enable global sports events. And the key event in modern times is made possible by today’s first birthday boy: Pierre de Coubertin (*1863).

How awesome would it be to see Grandmaster Flash (*1958) roll his tracks at the next Olympic opening ceremony? Tracks, not trucks. Trucks with Bridgestone tires, whose production started in Japan in 1931.

Another giant was established on this day Hewlett-Packard (1939).
We are pretty sure that J. Edgar Hoover (*1895) would have loved using some HP computers at his FBI back in the day. And most likely E. M. Forster (*1879) too, when writing his famous books and essays.

It’s a shame that George Washington Carver (*1864) was never able to make computers or tires out of his favorite test ingredient: peanuts. He created all sorts of inventions using peanuts; no computers, however…

Celebrating good times feels nice, right?
Go bring your memories & new inspiration to life!
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Birthdays & events January 1

What happened on January 1?

Birthdays January 1

Pierre de Coubertin
Grandmaster Flash
J. Edgar Hoover
E. M. Forster
George Washington Carver

Events January 1

Introduction of the €uro

Companies founded January 1

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