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January 25

What happened on January 25?

101 cute little puppies – you just gotta love ’em. Unless you are a cruel devil!
Disney’s famous movie 101 Dalmatians was released on this day in 1961.

72 is another famous number on this day.
Adventurer Nellie Bly completed her round-the-world journey in 72 days.
She certainly had the “just do it” attitude set by Nike, which was established in 1964.
Tales were written and songs were sung to celebrate her achievement.

Speaking about novels, we celebrate the birthday of Virginia Woolf (*1882).
And today’s Happy Birthday songs come from none other than legends
Etta James (*1938) and Alicia Keys (*1981).

Of course, we can’t throw a proper party without some delicious food prepared chef
Marcus Samuelsson (*1970).
And look who’s there. Brazilian football maestro Robinho (*1984) joins us, too!

Celebrating good times feels nice, right?
Go bring your memories & new inspiration to life!
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What happened on January 25?

Birthdays January 25

Virginia Woolf
Etta James
Alicia Keys
Marcus Samuelsson

Events January 25

Disney’s 101 Dalmatians release
Adventurer Nellie Bly completed her round-the-world journey in 72 days

Companies founded January 25

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