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January 27

What happened on January 27?

Few composers have reached the ears and hearts of billions all around the world.
Austrian genius musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (*1756) is one of them (if not thé one).

Arts are wonderful, when composed and performed with the soul. And Latvia’s ballet master Mikhail Baryshnikov (*1948) certainly got you uplifted with his creations.

Emotion fly high in different places, too. Take a store full of luxury items, for example. All the girl’s hearts start beating faster in Harrods, founded by Mohamed Al-Fayed (*1929). Born in the year of the Great Depression, and certainly built his way out of it!

He also owns the landmark Ritz hotel in London, making him a colleague to hotel & casino mogul Steve Wynn (*1942), founder of Wynn Hotels & Casinos.

Casinos are a place of thrill, emotions and all sorts of performances on stage. It’s a shame some people never lived to perform their ideas on a big stage. Dante Alighieri, for example, who was exiled from Florence on this day in 1302 because of his ‘wrong beliefs’.
What the world needed back then was more happy fellows, like Patton Oswalt (*1969)!

Celebrating good times feels nice, right?
Go bring your memories & new inspiration to life!
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What happened on January 27?

Birthdays January 27

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Mikhail Baryshnikov
Mohamed Al-Fayed
Steve Wynn
Patton Oswalt

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Dante Alighieri was exiled from Florence
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