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January 30

What happened on January 30?

Mazda cars became wildly famous because of many technical specifics, but the special ‘opening headlights’ are simply amazing!

The Japanese manufacturer was established in this day in 1920 and unfortunately never got to mass production of airplanes. How awesome would it be to see a plane operated by Hawaiian Airlines (established today in 1929) open its headlights prior to take-off?

One thing you really don’t want to open is a computer virus. The first PC virus code, written on this day in 1982 by Richard Skrenta, was disguised as Apple boot program ‘Elk Cloner’.
What a name. It could as well have been the title of a movie starring either
Gene Hackman (*1930) or Christian Bale (*1974).

If you ask us, it’s better to write lines of text than virus code. So thank you, Phil Collins (*1951) and Kid Cudi (*1984) for your positive contributions to the world.

Celebrating good times feels nice, right?
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What happened on January 30?

Birthdays January 30

Gene Hackman
Christian Bale
Phil Collins
Kid Cudi

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The first PC virus code was written

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Hawaiian Airlines
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