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January 4

What happened on January 4?

Two German masters of pure energy kick off this beautiful day.

Toni Kroos (*1990) is a master of skill on the football field, driving his opponents crazy with his moves and tactical insights.
And Till Lindemann (*1963) drives his fans crazy with his voice and performances.
If you love raw music and haven’t seen his Lindemann or Rammstein shows, try it –
you’ll be blown away.

Headlining today we another world-famous guy interested in energy: Isaac Newton (*1643).
He is one of the most influential scientists of all times, laying the foundation for mechanics and most famous for his laws of motion and gravitation. You surely remember the story of an apple falling from a tree, hitting a man sitting under the tree on his head, and making him realize that gravity is a thing. Well, that was good old Isaac.

Something totally defying gravity in many ways is Burj Khalifa; an incredible 828m / 2716 feet tall building in Dubai.

Celebrating good times feels nice, right?
Go bring your memories & new inspiration to life!
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What happened on January 4?

Birthdays January 4

Toni Kroos
Till Lindemann
Isaac Newton

Events January 4

Burj Khalifa
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