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January 6

What happened on January 6?

On this day, we take off towards the clouds!
German carrier Lufthansa is founded in 1953 and becomes one of the key global airlines.

In its glory days, Pan Am was one of the great airlines too. They actually were the first airline to introduce the exclusive “around the world airline ticket” and sold their first piece in 1947.

French female freedom warrior Jeanne d’Arc (*1412) never made it into the sky. In case she would have, archeologist Heinrich Schliemann (*1822) would definitely mention it in his works. Or maybe she did, but not in the area where he discovered ancient Troy.

Deep thoughts. But not as deep as British philosopher Alan Watts (*1915) used to go. He is well known for his popularisation of Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism in the Western world.

And now, let’s raise a glass for a Brit celebrated for his abilities to play a wide variety from deep to easy-to-follow characters. Cheers to the mastermind behind Blackadder, Mr. Bean, and many more: Rowan Atkinson (*1955).

Mr. Bean’s iconic car was his green Mini. What a legendary vehicle. And what a shame it never made it into ‘Back to The Future’. It would have been an epic sight to see a fusion between Mini and the DMC DeLorean!
Did you know that the DeLorean was named after its inventor, John DeLorean (*1925)?

Celebrating good times feels nice, right?
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What happened on January 6?

Birthdays January 6

Jeanne d’Arc
Heinrich Schliemann
Alan Watts
Rowan Atkinson
John DeLorean

Events January 6

First “around the world airline ticket” sold
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