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July 30

What happened on July 30?

Bodybuilding legend and alpha male Arnold Schwarzenegger (*1947) gets to Henry Ford‘s (*1863) chopper to start today’s celebrations in style.
Arnie’s fellow actors Laurence Fishburne (*1961) and Lisa Kudrow (*1963) accompany him and start throwing sweets to the party people below them. Yeah, it is Cheesecake Day today!

Have you ever had an Uruguayan cheesecake? They are delicious. Just as delicious as Uruguay’s victory of the first-ever World Cup of football in 1930.

Hillary Swank (*1974) and Christopher Nolan (*1970) are getting their hair styled with the newest L’oréal shampoo, celebrating the founding date of this iconic French brand in 1909. Next to them, Terry Crews (*1968) sings in the shower, mentally preparing himself for a dance-off with Alton Brown (*1962).

It is wonderful to see so many friends in one place on the International Day of Friendship.

Celebrating good times feels nice, right?
Go bring your memories & new inspiration to life!
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