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July 31

What happened on July 31?

Hop over to the grocery store and get yourself some green Avocados, because we celebrate Avocado Day!

DJ & Producer Fatboy Slim (*1963) spins his first track of the day in honor of the first recorded eruption of Mount Fuji in the year 781. Some more recent eruptions occurred when writer J.K. Rowling (*1965) published her fantastic Harry Potter series. Mainly among little wizards. And the people who invested in wizards. Investors like Mark Cuban (*1958) love a good story that sells.

Just as much as actor Wesley Snipes (*1962) loves vampire movies and American economist Milton Friedman (*1912) loves his numbers.

American actor Ted Cassidy (*1932) and Italian chemist Primo Levi (*1919) are mixing some specials cocktails at the bar. Let’s hope there won’t be any unexpected eruptions today!

Celebrating good times feels nice, right?
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