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June 10

What happened on June 10?

Oh jolly! The first Boat Race between the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge took place on the Thames in London in 1829.

For those who find rowing exhausting, check this out: Willem Barents and Jacob van Heemskerk discovered Bear Island after touring the oceans on their ships in 1596.
If this doesn’t get you off your feet and ready for adventure, then just get a Saab and enjoy your easy life. Sweden’s automobile brand was established on this day in 1947.

And if you enjoy driving a Saab, you’ll surely want to visit the Jardin des Plantes museum in Paris. A year after opening its doors in 1793, it even became the first public zoo. Mon Dieu!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with an easy life nor Saab though. Nothing beats a stressless life. If you ever find yourself in a bad mood due to anything, you can get some relief at Alcoholics Anonymous. It was founded in 1935 when Dr. Robert Smith took his last drink, and AA was founded in Akron, Ohio. Of course, you can chat about all sorts of addiction and challenges over at AA nowadays, not alcohol only.

Though the topic might seem too deep for this beautiful June day, it’s never a bad day to change your life for the better. Especially when you feel stressed or anxious.
People in all walks of life need a little time-out and restructuring from time to time.

Even football legends like Carlo Ancelotti (*1959) or comedians like Bill Burr (*1968). Well, especially comedians. Right, Bill? Cheers, to life!

And cheers to a happy birthday for our two models Kate Upton (*1992) and Elizabeth Hurley (*1965), who literally light up the day.

Celebrating good times feels nice, right?
Go bring your memories & new inspiration to life!
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