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June 15

What happened on June 15?

Italian model Lisa del Giocondo (*1479), subject of the famous Mona Lisa painting, kicks off the party on this fabulous day.

A day on which ages ago, all the way back in 763BC, the Assyrians recorded a solar eclipse. This eclipse was later used to fix the chronology of Mesopotamian history. Down-right fascinating facts on this page; all day every day!

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is founded in the United States on this day in 1934. Long after the Spanish city of Bilbao was established in 1300.

All over the world, people are celebrating the birthdays of today’s happy celebrities.
Rapper Ice Cube (*1969) and guitarist Waylon Jennings (*1937) are premiering their fresh collab tunes to the crowd. Making actors Jim Belushi (*1954) and Neil Patrick Harris (*1973) dance their socks off under the disco-ball.

On the edge of the dancefloor, Egyptian football player Mohamed Salah (*1992) shows off his tricks to actresses Helen Hunt (*1963) and Courteney Cox (*1964).

French painter Nicolas Poussin (*1594) is not really impressed and rather heads to the rooftop to paint the night sky. Such a rebel.

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