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June 2

What happened on June 2?

Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf (*1959) is a true master of his art. And If P. T. Barnum would still be alive, he would surely take Erwin on his ‘Greatest Showman’ circus tour around the US in 1835.

Marquis de Sade (*1740) is also a lovely character that would fit right in the group, as the greatest erotic novel writer.

Few characters in history have a job title as great as Queen Elizabeth II, who was coronated on this day in 1953. Three years before The Italian Republic was founded in 1956.

Italy participated in a huge European project that launched a galactic voyage to Mars in 2003. The sceneries on the way must be phenomenal. For example, imagine seeing the rainbow from above. The designer of the rainbow flag, Gilbert Baker (*1951), celebrates his birthday today, by the way.

And so do actors Zachary Quinto (*1977) and Dominic Cooper (*1978). Hip hip, hurray. And now go home, as it is Leave The Office Early Day!

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