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June 5

What happened on June 5?

Good old Elvis Presley scandalized the global audience on this wonderful June day in 1956. What was the drama all about? Well, naughty Elvis made some suggestive hip movements whilst introducing his new single ‘Hound Dog‘.

Mark Wahlberg (*1971) is the kind of guy you’d expect hound dogging around town. In Krakow, for example. This beauty of a place received its city rights in 1257.

The first regularly scheduled Orient Express connection did not pay Krakow a visit in 1883. Maybe a good thing from a ‘green’ point of view, as we celebrate World Environment Day today and those steam trains surely choo-choo’d a lot of emissions.

Economist John Maynard Keynes (*1883) opens a bottle of prosecco to celebrate him being born on the same day the train started touring the world. And physicist Dennis Gabor (*1900) opens a few more. What a wonderful day.

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