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June 7

What happened on June 7?

Prince (*1958) sings the opening theme to today’s celebrations, which are truly epic!

The saying goes that when you need to get rid of ghosts, you gonna call the Ghostbusters, which premiered in 1984. We reckon that Liam Neeson (*1952) would do the trick as well. He will find them, and he will get rid of them.

And when you want to fully disconnect yourself or others from the world, you call adventurer Bear Grylls (*1974).
He can make even The Goonies (released in 1985) disappear for a moment.

Russian tennis icon Anna Kurnikova (*1981) also has the right contacts to make you disappear. Yet, she is more of a people person and loves a good party.

And that’s perfect news because we have a huge group of birthday people to celebrate!

French painter & sculptor Paul Gauguin (*1848) plays a game of pool with fellow artist Damien Hirst (*1965). And basketball player Allen Iverson (*1975) gives actor Bill Hader (*1978) a masterclass in slam-dunking.

When the night comes to a close, Iggy Azalea (*1990) raps an emotional freestyle with singers Dean Martin (*1917) and George Ezra (*1993). Bringing everyone, including actress Emily Ratajkowski (*1991) to tears. What a day…

Celebrating good times feels nice, right?
Go bring your memories & new inspiration to life!
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