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March 15

What happened on March 15?

Oh, the sound of a V16 engine… “Vrrrroooom”!
Legendary car manufacturer Rolls Royce celebrates the day it was founded in 1906.

The British are always inventing things, it’s brilliant. When they don’t focus on cars, they come up with sports. Just like in 1877, when the first ever official cricket test match was played. Australia faced England at the MCG Stadium in Melbourne.

Actress Eva Longoria (*1975) might enjoy a little cricket in-between shooting movies.
As might you, dear readers.

Just be careful, please. And if something happens, make sure there’s a doctor around.
Or at least some capable scientist, like John Snow (*1813). This British (yes, they are everywhere!) gentleman contributed greatly in mapping and curing cholera.

Celebrating good times feels nice, right?
Go bring your memories & new inspiration to life!
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What happened on March 15?

Birthdays March 15

Eva Longoria
John Snow

Events March 15

The first-ever official cricket test match was played

Companies founded March 15

Rolls Royce
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