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March 7

What happened on March 7?

A few days ago, we read about Graham Bell registering his telephone machine.
Well, dear friends. On this day in 1876, he received the patent!

And 40 years later, the BMW (Bayerische Motor Werke) car brand was founded in Germany.

Dutch painter Piet Mondriaan (*1872) would have loved BMW’s logo. Simple and colorful.

And we do deeply love our two birthday people of today! Tennis superstar Ivan Lendl (*1960) and movie heroine Rachel Weisz (*1970).

Celebrating good times feels nice, right?
Go bring your memories & new inspiration to life!
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What happened on March 7?

Birthdays March 7

Piet Mondriaan
Ivan Lendl
Rachel Weisz

Events March 7

Graham Bell received the patent for his telephone machine

Companies founded March 7

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