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May 13

What happened on May 13?

Mitsubishi was founded in Japan on this day in 1870 by Iwasaki Yatarō.
Fun fact: did you know the name comes from the combination of “Mitsu” (“Three”, in English) and “Hishi” (diamond shape)? And we have more useful fun facts are coming up!

Did you know that Stevie Wonder (*1950) was born on the same day of the first-ever F1 World Championship, held at Silverstone?

And that a simple switch of two letters marks the birthdays of legendary boxer Joe Louis (*1914) and Ritchie Valens (*1941)?

Stephen Colbert (*1964) could surely go on for hours. This guy loves throwing random facts and interesting things around, doesn’t he?

But let’s move on to Maria Theresia (*1717), who ruled central Europe for most of her days. She built massive fortifications everywhere. Not knowing that one day, walls wouldn’t stop mankind anymore. We’d fly right over them!

The Royal Flying Corps, the predecessor of today’s R.A.F. (Royal Air Force), which was established on this day in 1909 and is well known for its ability to fly over things.

Three years later, in 1912, Luigi Ganna flew over the finish line of the first Giro D’Italia – Italy’s famous cycling race.
10 years after Ronald Ross (*1857) received a Nobel Prize for his studies of malaria mosquitos.

We’re not too sure whether Dennis Rodman (*1961) loves cycling, but you surely gotta love his incredible NBA career.

Closing off with true opposites from the same business today: Sunny Leone (*1981) and every teenage girl’s favorite vampire who can’t stand Sun(ny’s )light; Robert Pattinson (*1986).

Celebrating good times feels nice, right?
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