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May 15

What happened on May 15?

The world’s most famous rodent, Mickey Mouse, premiered in his first cartoon, “Plane Crazy”, today in 1928. Time literally flies when you’re having fun in crazy planes!

We wonder what goes faster; a comix plane from 1928 or an ace served by Scottish tennis legend Andy Murray (*1987). Surely, both go fast.

Another ‘fast’ thing established today (in 1940) is the famous fast-food franchise McDonald’s. Happy birthday to you and thank you for all those lovely kids corners to let the planet’s infants party hard amongst balloons, clowns and burgers.

We wonder whether Madeleine Albright (*1937) ever celebrated her birthday at McDonald’s, after her family’s exile from “řízek & chlebíčky” Czechoslovakia.

She sure was a (Al)bright mind in our global diplomacy. Just as bright as light bulbs from Dutch symbol Philips. Although the brand now sells anything from razor blades to electric kettles, it all started with lightbulbs in their home town “Lampjesstad” Eindhoven in 1891.

Pierre Curie (*1859), unfortunately, didn’t live to taste a fast-food burger. But he certainly had the chance to cross the Channel to see the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden (opened today in 1958).
Claudio Monteverdi (*1567) would have loved conducting his compositions there!

Birdy (*1996) might get on stage there, one day. And so could you. If not as a performer, then at least as a visitor. It’s stunning.

Not enough money to travel to London, you say? It’s not that expensive when finding the right fares. And money will certainly not be an issue after winning big in Las Vegas, which was established on this day in 1905. In his gangster days, you’d have the chance to see Chazz Palminteri (*1952) there. Where do you think he spends most of his time now… Vegas, Opera houses, or someplace else?

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