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May 16

What happened on May 16?

So glamorous, that first Academy Awards ceremony in 1929. Most likely you don’t recall this event, as it’s been a while… and no online recordings exist (un)fortunately.
But as only a few things beat the flair and style of the 1920s, let’s celebrate the below people in style today!

Henry Fonda (*1905), who made his premiére Hollywood appearance 6 years after the first Academy Awards in 1935, is our ‘oldest’ birthday boy today. He won his first very own AA for his role in “The Grapes of Wrath”.

Another old-timer, Liberace, was born today in 1919. What a time to be alive!
The first skyscrapers in the US, the introduction of the first ‘proper’ automobiles and airplanes, incredible fashion trends, and epic music – to which this legendary pianist contributed greatly.

A guy who you’d never imagine as ‘stylish gangster’ is Danny Trejo (*1944), who impersonated many villains over the years. You don’t want to run into this guy and his machete in a dark alley…

A much friendlier face is the one of Pierce Brosnan (*1953), but don’t let his looks deceive you, ladies! Pierce’s characters have seen huge mood swings over the years, too. Who was your all-time favorite?

And What is your most-loved character played by the fabulous Megan Fox (*1986)?

To end today with a bang: here’s hit-machine Janet Jackson (*1966) for you! Famous for a certain slip on stage, but of course much more commemorated because of her incredible track record

Celebrating good times feels nice, right?
Go bring your memories & new inspiration to life!
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