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May 2

What happened on May 2?

O Dio Mio! Fashion designer Donatella Versace (*1955) was born in sunny Reggio Calabria
on this very fashionable day.

Will football legend and fancy lad David Beckham (*1975) ever be a model for Versace?
Surely David would make a wonderful shoot with photographer Philippe Halsman (*1906).

If not David, then at least Dwayne Johnson, please! How awesome would ‘The Rock’ look in an incredible Italian summer outfit?

That has to be a sight even more incredible than a scene with Ellie Kemper (1980) and Lily Allen (*1985) singing in the background!

And in case your imagination knows as few limits as the ocean, imagine all of the above b-day people on a cruise aboard Queen Elizabeth 2, who departed on her maiden voyage to New York on this day in 1969. That must be one epic voyage.
Or flying high in the sky. With Delta Air Lines, founded in 1925.

Celebrating good times feels nice, right?
Go bring your memories & new inspiration to life!
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