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May 22

What happened on May 22?

The Wright Brothers were happy to walk at first. But soon felt that flying might be the next level of transportation. And so they patented their “Flying machine” on this day in 1906.

Certainly, Naomi Campbell (*1970) is happy that the Wrights started the aviation revolution. Thanks to planes, she didn’t have to take the bus to her next catwalk.
The invention came just a little late for detective Sherlock Holmes and his British author, Arthur Conan Doyle (*1859).

Belgium’s famous comix author Hergé was born just one year later, in 1907.
His famous Tin-Tin traveled all around the world during his adventures. Certainly, he visited the Trevi Fountain in Rome (inaugurated today in 1762).
As well as Eden Park stadium in Auckland, where the first-ever Rugby World Cup kicked off on this day in 1987, along the way.

To add a bit of music to this day, we celebrate the classic Richard Wagner (*1813) and amicable Charles Aznavour (*1924).

We wonder what tennis legend Novak Djokovic (*1987) and football hero George Best (*1946) listen to on their way to crucial matches. Is it Wagner, Aznavour, or possibly something completely different?

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