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May 23

What happened on May 23?

People use languages to communicate and so do systems. Java was the first-ever programming language to be released, today in 1995. Among many programmers and IT folks, Java still comes first, before the languages of love and native English or any other “human” language.

A great place to learn a foreign or IT language is the New York Public Library, which opened its doors on this day in 1911. In case you haven’t been there yet, go have a look. It’s well worth the while. See if you can find Drew Carey’s (*1958) joke books in there!

Chess players have their own special language, too. By moving pieces on the checkered board and hitting timing clocks, they race towards victory no matter their native language. One of the world’s all-time chess masters is without a doubt Anatoly Karpov (*1951).

And those of you who rather study the language of nature instead of humans or programmers, please get your party hats and cakes out for the one and only Carl Linnaeus (*1707), famous for his categorization of plants.

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