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May 24

What happened on May 24?

One of Poland’s most well-known citizens, Daniel Fahrenheit.
Although you possibly did not know he’s from Poland, did you? Fascinating, how people are often widely known through their name, yet few people actually know their background.
Another fun fact: the well-known centigrade scale was named after Swedish astronomer Anders Celcius and released a long 56 years after Fahrenheit’s metric.

Queen Victoria of England (*1819) certainly does not need any introduction. Born in England and queen by profession.
Also born in England on this day, we celebrate actor Alfred Molina (*1953)!

We wonder whether Alfred used to fall asleep whilst singing ‘Mary had a little lamb‘.
This iconic song was published in 1830 by Sara Josepha Hale.
We would love to hear a remake of the song by Priscilla Presley‘s (*1945) husband, Elvis.

A nice one for any company-geography freaks out there: in what country was Zara founded on this day in 1974? Read on…

Football legend Eric Cantona (*1966) was born in a country neighbouring Zara’s ‘paรญs de origen’ from the North. Surely you’ve guessed correctly that he is from the country of baguettes and Eiffel towers – France.

And here is to rivalry and friendship with today’s closing celebration, as we commemorate the first-ever Eurovision Song Festival held in Lugano in 1956.

Celebrating good times feels nice, right?
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