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May 25

What happened on May 25?

Wars are terrible. Yet that does not go for the legendary “Star Wars“, does it?
What an epic series of cinematic adventures! And to think that the first Star Wars movie was released today in 1977 is simply incredible, right?

Possibly, Star Wars was inspired by John F. Kennedy’s heavy announcement on this day in 1961, to “put a man on the moon before the end of the decade” with the Apollo program.

Ralph Waldo Emerson (*1803) never had the opportunity to see Star Wars, nor to write a nice poem about it. How awesome would it be to have poets write movie reviews sometimes instead of journalists, with their deep writing skills… imagine the masterpieces that’d come out of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s reviews of movies and series.

Ian McKellen (*1939) was born long before mankind sent anything into space and rather spends his time around Hobbits than astronauts, R2D2’s, and Chewbacca’s.

Mike Myers (* 1963), on the other hand, is into anything; From shagging spies to Evil Doctors!
Will he ever star in a Star Wars movie? And will we see some machines inspired by helicopters?
Ukrainian aviator and helicopter maestro Igor Sikorski (*1889) celebrates today

And how about Peaky Blinder Cillian Murphy (*1976)? Will he ever exchange his beloved Birmingham and Ireland for life in outer space?

So many questions today…

Celebrating good times feels nice, right?
Go bring your memories & new inspiration to life!
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