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May 27

What happened on May 27?

Very happy birthday to you, chefs Jamie Oliver (*1975) and Heston Blumenthal (*1966).
You are the idols of many housewives & housemen!
Honestly who can resist both their charisma and fabulous recipes, honestly?

It’s about time we don’t only think about New World Orders, but World Food Orders too.
American diplomat Henry Kissinger (*1923) would surely get along brilliantly with all chefs.

Another irresistible legend born today (*1794) is Cornelius Vanderbilt. Anyone who is a fan of steam trains and/or ships knows the name of this man, whose company totally dominated the American railroads and rivers in the mid-19th century.

From trains to the ice, where Czech skater Martina Sablikova (*1987) dominated.
Even the wind had trouble keeping up with her. And thanks to the scale of Francis Beaufort (*1774) we all know how fast the wind can go!

It is safe to say that even Walt Disney’s Three Little Pigs, who made their première appearance today (in 1933) in the hit song “Who’s afraid of the big Bad Wolf?” must have heard about Vanderbilt and his empire.

And in case you are a true adventurer and want to go on an awesome train- or ship ride, here’s a tip for you: Saint Petersburg in Russia, which was founded today in 1703.
Home to the famous Hermitage and many more exclusive landmarks, Санкт-Петербург
is surely a city to have on your bucket list!

Wolgograd is another interesting city in Russia to visit. It was known as Stalingrad previously.
They had a lot of enemies at their gates. Actor Joseph Fiennes (*1970) knows all about it.

Celebrating good times feels nice, right?
Go bring your memories & new inspiration to life!
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