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May 8

What happened on May 8?

David Attenborough (1926); the man with the (blue) planet’s smoothest voice. It is up for debate whether his voice is more enchanting and comforting than Morgan Freeman’s, but he’s certainly not behind!
Our favorite pick for a heartwarming bedtime story (after which you’ll have the sweetest dreams about our planet, without a doubt).
Even when picturing gazelles being hunted by lions, you still feel safe with Sir Attenborough. It’s all in the voice. And we thank you for your life’s work and dedication, dear sir.

Another enchanting voice, but mainly for women who love Latinos: Enrrrrrique Iglesias!
Born today in 1975, this gringo needs little introduction. His greatest hits make anyone’s pool party complete and they certainly create the perfect ambiance for a hot summer night with your lover(s). Or both.

Planning a pool party and tired of your current pool area? Cheer it up with some amazing artwork by Saul Bass (*1920) and stand out of the crowd.

Stand out like a mountain. Or, like a Paramountain! Yes, Paramount Pictures celebrates its foundation today (1912). What is your favorite Paramount movie?

Celebrating good times feels nice, right?
Go bring your memories & new inspiration to life!
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