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October 31

What happened on October 31?

Get your party hats and apples out, as we celebrate Caramel Apple Day!

Are you in the mood to travel today? Then take your apple on a city trip, as it’s also World Cities Day. Go grab a map and plan your next long-overdue trip right now.

Italian explorer Christopher Columbus (*1451) loved a good boat trip. And eventually, it made him ‘discover’ America. He never made it to Cincinnati, home of Procter & Gamble (founded on this day in 1837), but he got close enough.
And now, it’s your turn. Think about all the places you can discover today and beyond.

Paint the brightest pictures in your mind. The better your imagination, the nicer the journey. If you’re looking for some inspiration about pictures, have a look at the works of German photographer Helmut Newton (*1920) and Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer (*1632). They are true masters of pictures.

Always remember that you, and you alone, are your life’s architect. Be like Iraqi power woman & architect Zaha Hadid (*1950) and construct your life.
Be the director of your life, too. Like ‘Kiwi’ film director Peter Jackson (*1961) directs his movies.

Once created, make sure to enjoy life. Be lyrical about it and don’t hold back. Be as deep as British poet John Keats (*1795) in his best works.
And bring it to life as if you were playing your lifetime role in a movie, just like actors Rob Schneider (*1963), Michael Landon (*1936), or John Candy (*1950).
Create, live, and enjoy your day – dear friends!

Celebrating good times feels nice, right?
Go bring your memories & new inspiration to life!
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This happened on October 31

BirthdaysChristopher Columbus
Rob Schneider
Helmut Newton
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Michael Landon
John Candy
Peter Jackson
Zaha Hadid
John Keats
CompaniesProcter & Gamble1837
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Cities Day
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