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March 15

What happened on March 15? Oh, the sound of a V16 engine… “Vrrrroooom”!Legendary car manufacturer Rolls Royce celebrates the day it was founded in 1906. The British are always inventing things, it’s brilliant. When they don’t focus on cars, they …

March 9

What happened on March 9? Exploration comes in many forms.Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin (*1934) could go on for hours about exploring space. Whereas Italian adventurer Amerigo Vespucci (*1454) preferred exploring the seas. One day, he drifted all the way to …

March 8

What happened on March 8? Bulls and Bears, read this! The New York Stock Exchange was founded on this day in 1817.The bull stands for a market that goes up, whereas a bear market is a trader’s nightmare. (In)famous pirate …

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