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October 23

What happened on October 23? TV’s talking talk-show heads celebrate today! Who is your favorite TV host of the moment? Happy birthday to Dumbo the flying elephant, Al Yankovic, Johnny Carson, Emilia Clarke, and Ryan Reynolds 🥳 Celebrating good times …

October 22

What happened on October 22? Jurrasic Park’s legendary dino expert @jeffgoldblum celebrates his birthday on Clean Up The Earth Day. Go outside, pull your sleeves up, and clean up a little spot of Earth today 🦯 And a Happy birthday …

October 21

What happened on October 21? C’mon, treat your reptile to something nice today! And in case you don’t have a reptile at home, treat your husband/wife/parents/kids/yourself 😘 In case you live close to The Guggenheim Museum in New York, go …

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